Why Metal Roof is better?

About Metal Roofing

If your shingle roof is 12 years or older or showing any of these signs, it may need to be replaced.

  1. Algae Growth
  2. Curling
  3. Blistering
  4. Missing Shingles
  5. Rotting
  6. Missing Granules
  7. Damaged Flashing
  8. Buckling
  9. Ceiling Spots


  1. Algae Growth
  2. Caused by the growth of air-borne algae which deposits on your roof.

  3. Curling
  4. Caused by lack of ventilation, high nails, lack of back coating or improper number of fasteners.

  5. Blistering
  6. A sign of moisture by the mat at the core of the shingle.

  7. Missing Shingles
  8. Caused by improper fastening and/or exposure to high winds.

  9. Rotting
  10. Absorption of moisture by the mat at the core of the shingle.

  11. Missing Granules
  12. A common sight on older shingles, which often indicate a need for replacement.

  13. Damaged Flashing
  14. Imporper installation, drying and cracking.

  15. Buckling
  16. The result of poor roof ventilation or new shingles that were applied over the old shingles.

  17. Ceiling Spots
  18. A very good indicator of roof leaks.


  1. A maintenance-free roof.
  2. 55-year transferable warranty
  3. Increases property value
  4. Exceptional curb appeal
  5. Increases energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs
  6. High-Perfomance Premium Organic Coated Steel from the world's leading steel producer, Arcelor Mittal
  7. Protected by unique coating which gives guarantee of color stability
  8. Prevents toxic mould growth in attic
  9. Eliminates ice dams and prevents leaks
  10. Resistant to fire, high winds and hail
  11. Four times lighter than shingles, eases the stress on house structure
  12. An environmentally friendly choice

Why it makes financial sense to invest in a Metal Roof

Report by David Ova
Retired Building Inspector: City of Toronto
Exclusively for Green Metal Roofing and Manufacturing Inc.

Does your house need a new roof? Chances are that if it has not been done in the last 12 to 15 years then it is probably due to be replaced in the very near future. Nowadays, we all want to stretch our hard earned dollars and we need to be smart about how we spend our money.

The majority of us who need a new roof just automatically call roofing companies that install asphalt shingles. The process is simple; we get 3 quotes then pick one based on price (experience, references etc.)

There is another smarter option which in the long run would help us save even more money and guarantee the best return on investment. A state of the art metal roof from Green Metal Roofing & Manufacturing Inc.

Green Metal Roofing & Manufacturing Inc. provides high-performance Organic Coated Steel from the world’s leading steel producer, Arcelor Mittal.

Now, you are going to say that I am crazy, metal roofing is way too expensive and is only for rich people that live in mansions. Twenty years ago you would have been right but not anymore. I will show you why.

Let’s do some calculations to see if it really makes a financial sense to go with a metal roof.

In the following calculations I will use a typical two storey 2200 sq. ft. subdivision house with a typical hip roof and a 6/12 pitch. It will have a roof area of 1700 sq. ft. (including waste material and a roof pitch calculations). I would like to point out that one of the main benefits of a metal roof is the energy efficiency because it reflects the heat from the sun. This would cut your cooling costs anywhere from 20% to 40%. I will use a saving of 30% in my calculations and also not include hst or inflation.

Let’s start with asphalt shingles. The typical cost to install asphalt shingles is $3.00/ sq. ft. which means it will cost $5100 including installation (3 x 1700). Despite manufacturers claims that it will last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, you will likely have to replace it after 15 years. Asphalt shingles just do not last that long.

There is no such thing as a 20 year, 35 year or 50 year shingle. Those marketing phrases refer to the warranty period, not to life expectancy of the shingles.

Here is what I see in a shingle Limited Warranty term: The shingle manufacturer will pay to repair, replace, or clean (at their option), any shingle that is defective under the terms of the Limited Warranty and only manufacturing defects in the shingles, that cause leaks, are covered by the Limited Warranty.

Now, let’s look at a metal roof. A good quality metal roof will cost an average of $6.00/ sq. ft. Our example house will therefore cost $10200 including installation. Installation for a metal roof takes up to 3 times longer and requires a greater amount of skill to complete. Now, I will show you why metal roofs make more financial sense.

I went to the Hydro One Networks website and then to the appliance calculator and got my numbers based on a 2.5 ton air conditioner to run for 12.6 hours a day for six months a year. The monthly bill for cooling this house came in at $200 per month (30% of that is $60 which translates to $ 360 per year in savings).

Now, we are at year 15. The shingle roof is now ready to be changed again. That means another $5100. Total money spent so far is $10200. On the other hand the Metal Roof at year 15 does not have to spend anything. For the last 15 years this roof has saved $5,400 (15x$360).

Now, let’s move to year 30. The shingle roof has to get another roof replaced because the second roof is now at the end of its lifespan. Add another $5100 for a total of $15300 spent. I also did not include the cost of having the shingles removed and dumped in a landfill, twice.

At 30 years the metal roof’s original investment of $10200 has been recouped and also has $600 in their pocket.

Did I mention also that there is still 25 years left on the original 55 year transferrable warranty at year 30.

Initial Outley
Year 15
Year 30
-$5400 (360 x 15)
-$5400 (360 x 15)

After 30 years the shingle roof has spent $15300 plus removal and dumping fees twice and the metal roof has recovered the entire investment and has $600 in their pocket. Now, you tell me who made the wiser choice?