Sheet Metal Roofing Products

Metal tile is one of the most frequently used roofing materials in residential and commercial buildings. The fully automated manufacturing process allows for precise cutting of the metal sheets enabling our delivery of the most PARTICULAR AND CUSTOM orders. This precise process results in a significant reduction of waste. Green Metal Roofing Inc. offers its customers a choice of seven different colours. Our roof panels are made of German steel sheets with D-Matt coating. The light weight of these tiles, approximately 4.5kg per 1sq.m of metal sheets, is their particular advantage. Due to its lightweight, a metal roof will not affect the existing structure of a building.

Sheet Metal Roofing Product - Riviera

Riviera modular steel sheet roof tile is a state-of-the-art product designated for roofing.

Sheet Metal Roofing Product - Prestige

Prestige modular steel sheet roof tile is yet another exceptional roofing product option.

Sheet Metal Roofing Product - Trapeze

Trapeze Sheets are economical roofing and elevation materials used for roofing and facade claddings. They are characterized by its durability, construction rigidity and are very cost effective. Trapeze sheets allow for various uses on residential and commercial roofs and elevations, gates and fences.

Trapezoidal sheets can be used for elevation of houses, garages, small and large industrial buildings and on large roof spans. The trapeze profile can be laid vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Sheet Metal Roofing Product - Elite

Elite Sheet Metal Panel offers a variation of the Trapeze profile with a clean look, ideal for any jobs ranging from contemporary homes to sleek looking garages.