The Venice - Profile


Venice modular steel sheet roof tile is an innovative and unique product designated for roofing. The product stands out with its unique shape - 5 lower waves and 6 crests – in addition, it has specially formed corners, facilitating an ideal assembly and contact of the sheets with the roof surface. Additional embossing of the lower edge enhances the unique shape of Venice sheet roof tiles to resemble exclusive ceramic roof tiles.

Venice modular steel sheet roof tile carries with it a number of innovative technical solutions, among others include:

  • Embossed corners, i.e. areas where the connected sheets overlap each other, with the joints remaining invisible,
  • Special bowl-shaped embossing, forming nests for screws and washers, ensuring the tightness of the joint,
  • An innovative solution for the front edge of the sheet that does not cause scratches and at the same time does not create a corrosion hot spot,
  • Impressions on the transverse edges of the overlapping sheets in order to create unity of joints, which gives an effect of equal light refraction in the areas where both sheets join,
  • Factory made holes for screws and washers – the contractor has designated places where sheet roof tiles should be joined, without additional drilling producing metal filings, thus no corrosion hot spots,

Available in Colors:

RAL 8004

RAL 7024

RAL 3009

RAL 8017

RAL 8019

RAL 9005
Product details
Film Thickness 1.2 +/-0.2 mils
Gloss (60 degree) ≥ 5
Film Hardness (pencil) HB Min
Adhesion (T-Bend test) 2T no tape removal
Flexibility (T-Bend test) 2T no cracks
Adhesion Impact No cracking or loss of adhesion to 160in x lbf
Humidity Condensing Test Cyclical test 1000 hrs, no blistering
Film Integrity 40 years
Colour Change Wall - 30 years - dE 5
Roof - 30 years - dE 8
Chalking Wall - 30 years - #8
Roof - 30 years - #6