Whether you are looking to build a custom home or looking to update your existing home, knowing and understanding your different roofing options will help you choose the right material for your needs. The right roofing material will not only provide you with the desired exterior aesthetics, but will protect your home for a long time to come and help boost the value of your property.

There are several roofing materials available in the market that will protect your home against the ever-changing Ontario weather conditions. Each of these materials has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

We will be highlighting 5 different types of roofing materials below:

1. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing solutions have increased in popularity over the past decade. As the benefits of metal roofing (such as longevity and sustainability) began to spread, more homeowners chose to install metal roofing on their homes and business. As the demand increased, the pricing also came down, making it a more attractive choice for the budget conscious as well. A metal roofing system is probably the best suited to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a great choice for your Ontario home or business. Metal roofing is long lasting, low-maintenance, and even fire and lightning resistant. The only thing to be wary about with a metal roof, is that any buildup of snow can easily slide off, so special guards are put in place to break up the snow before it slides off.

2. Asphalt Roofing

If you are looking for the most popular roofing solution, then Asphalt roofing is your option. Most homes in Canada are covered with asphalt shingles as this is the go to roofing solution for builders.

Improvements in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles has increased the longevity and durability of these shingles. They are also extremely flexible and fire-resistant. Asphalt roofing is easily installed and is one of the most economical roofing choices. However, asphalt shingles have one of the lower life spans for roofing material, with most coming with a 15-20 year warranty.

3. Wood Shakes

Wood roof shakes have been around for hundreds of years, and are one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofing materials. They provide a natural, rustic look to any home, and for this reason they are still very popular in rural areas and cottage country. Wood shakes are one of the most expensive roofing options, as the cost to manufacture is high and the installation is also labour intensive. This material is also not fire resistant and can be prone to molding, if not installed correctly.

4. Tile and Slate

Tile and slate roofs have become more popular as of late, they come in a wide range of colour and design options and have a long-life span. However, tile and slate are quite heavy, and your home may need extra reinforcement to ensure it is able to support the weight of this roofing material. It is moderately priced, it comes with a higher price tag than asphalt or metal, but less than rubber or wood.

5. Rubber

Rubber roofing is one of the newest materials available for residential roofing. It is manufactured in a way that they mimic the look of shingles, while providing much higher levels of protection, durability and longevity. Rubber roofing is also quite easy to repair, if the need arises. The one drawback to rubber roofing is the cost of installation. Because they are installed one shingle at a time, it is a labour intensive project that will increase the overall pricing.

Making the decision on what type of roofing material is best of your home comes down to your wants, needs and budget. All of the above materials will withstand our Ontario climate, they all come with different looks, costs, life-spans, maintenance needs, and installation requirements.

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