Your roof protects your family, your home and all of your belongings within. When it comes to replacing your roof, you will most likely consider if the new roof can protect your home sufficiently, for how long it will be able to protect your home, and what other advantages does your new roof provide, such as energy efficiency. An area that many homeowners do not consider when replacing their roof, but do believe is important is the environmental impact of their roof replacement. Metal roofing has grown in popularity over the past several decades because it provides a plethora of benefits, one of which is that it is the environmentally friendly roof replacement choice.

Below we review 5 reasons why a metal roof is environmentally friendly.

#1 Metal roofing has a long lifespan

One of the main reasons why metal roofing systems are considered environmentally friendly is that they have a longer lifespan than many other roofing solutions. Shingles have an average lifespan of 20-25 years, and can break down prematurely depending on your maintenance routine and weather conditions. Metal roofing on the other hand, last up to 60 years, even if it experiences constant harsh weather. Metal roofing systems are resistant to fire, lightning and extreme weather conditions, helping it maintain a long lifespan.

#2 Metal roofs are recyclable

The best part of installing a metal roof when it comes to it being them environmentally friendly, is that metal is recyclable. When it comes time to replace your metal roof, 50-60 years down the road, the removed metal roofing won’t just sit in a landfill like asphalt shingles and other roofing material would. Many environmental protection companies say that metal roofing is a top solution for protecting the environment and preventing landfills from toxifying the environment.

#3 Metal roofing is energy efficient.

If you want to save on energy bills and still protect the environment, you should know that metal roofing is one of the most efficient solutions. Studies reveal that metal roofs offer tremendous benefits, including energy efficiency and improved interior comfort. Metal is a good base for installing solar panels. So, if you want to go even further and use renewable energy, installing a metal roof has some major benefits.

#4 Metal roof is made in part from recycled materials

Many metal roofing manufacturers utilize recycled metals in their manufacturing process, and many metal roofing contractors offer metal roofing solutions with metal that contains between 30 and 100 percent recyclable material.

#5 Metal roofing doesn’t come with high maintenance requirements.

Metal roofing systems require minimal maintenance, this means less cleaning agents and driving for professionals to inspect and repair your roofing.

The above are just 5 reasons why metal roofing systems are environmentally friendly. Metal roofing offers many benefits to any homeowner, and being an environmentally friendly solution just adds to reasons why you should consider a metal roof for your next roof replacement.

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