A metal roofing system is widely considered one of the best if not the best roofing options. It offers homeowners a beautiful, durable, long lasting, low-maintenance solution for their homes. When it comes to any roof, most homeowners do not pay much attention to it unless there is an issue. So, it’s not surprising that one of the prevailing reasons many choose to go with a metal roofing system is the fact that there is very little maintenance, yet the roof is extremely reliable.

However, metal roofs are low maintenance, not maintenance free. Below we have outlined what maintenance your metal roof will require. After all with regular maintenance, you will be able to protect your metal roof against untimely damage ensuring you get the maximum lifespan from your roof.

1. Trim Tree Branches Over Your Metal Roof

You may feel that having a tree extend over your home will provide shade to your home helping keep your home cooler. Unfortunately, the potential for damage to occur to your roof, outweighs any potential positives that can come from this situation. As tree branches rub against your metal roof, your roof begins to scuff and lose its finish. If a large branch breaks off the tree and lands on your roof, potential damage can come from this impact, as well as leaves falling on your roof, they will begin to accumulate and eventually decompose. This can lead to further damage to your metal roof over time, and can cause rain water to be diverted away from the natural flow intended. By trimming back overgrown branches and removing debris from on top of your roof, you help maintain the quality of your roof.

2. Clean Roof Gutters

Another important step in maintaining your metal roof, is to keep the gutters clean and clear. Allowing leaves and debris to remain in your gutters will cause water and moisture to build up. Metal roofing is designed to shed rain and snow quickly and dry off afterwards. The debris in your gutters hinders the draining process, which will result in excess moisture on and around your metal roof increasing the risk of corrosion.

3. Install Fasteners

Over time, some screws may become loose or dislodged. When this happens, replace or tighten these screws. Ensure to use similar fasteners, made of the same material as the roof. Keep in mind to install fasteners on the raised areas of the metal roofing.

4. Make Sure Other Metals Are Not Touching Your Roof

Two different types of metal in contact with each other may cause your metal roof to breakdown and wear out prematurely. It is important when installing items on your roof, such as satellites or aesthetic pieces that you make sure that there is no direct contact between the different materials.

5. Fix Holes or Separations

Even though it is not common, at times it is possible for pieces to come loose or even become damaged. To prevent further damage, it is important to have these issues looked at immediately.

Maintaining your metal roof is key to ensuring a long lifespan and is an important aspect in protecting your investment. If you are not comfortable inspecting your metal roof, hire a professional for routine maintenance and inspections.

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