Whether you’re choosing a roof for a new home or for a roof replacement, it’s always important to consider the colour of your new roof and how it will pair with your home, your yard and your properties overall aesthetic . Updating the colour of your exterior walls may be as easy as adding a coat of paint, but changing the colour of your roof down the road will be a daunting and quite costly task. This is why it is important to choose a roof colour that you will be comfortable with for a long time. When it comes to metal roofing, taking the time to consider your colour choice may be even more important that when choosing asphalt shingles as metal roofing systems can last a lifetime.

Learning how to pick the right roof colour for your home is as simple as following the below tips from our designers.

Consider Style

The particular style of your home will play a role in determining what colour to choose for your new roof. Some architectural designs lend themselves to match well with different colour options, you can ask your metal roof consultant for their input on what colours compliment your home’s design. But, it’s not just the style of the home that matters, your personal style can also shine through with your roof’s colour selection, after all it is an extremely visible feature of your home.

Colour Coordination

The colour of your roof should match well with the other colours of your home. You want your roof to accentuate your home and property to help create an appealing exterior. With the wrong choice of colours, your roof may end up clashing with the other colours of your home, leading it to be distracting or even create a negative impression for your home. Choosing a complimentary colour that still meets your design goals should be fairly simple, you can search for similar colour matches online or ask your roofing consultant for design ideas. Just remember, you don’t want your roof to be an identical colour to your home’s exterior, having that distinction or break will help with the architectural appeal of your home.


Climate will also play an important role when choosing your roof’s colour, and not because of potential fading. Darker colours do well to attract and trap more heat and are great for areas with long, cold winters as it will help keep your home warmer. For warmer climates, lighter colours will help to deflect heat and keep your home cooler. So, remember to take your region’s climate into consideration when choosing the colour of your roof.

Follow the Neighborhood Association Rules

If the neighbourhood you live in has a neighbourhood association they may have rules that limit your choices on roofing colour or colour combinations. Reviewing the neighborhood association bi-laws before you begin planning will save you time, additional costs and a potential headache.


Getting recommendations from your family, neighbours and the roofing professionals is always a good way to help lead you to your selection. After all, if you don’t like what they suggest you can move on, but perhaps someone may introduce a colour that you may have not thought of or dismissed previously. Take the extra step, and look for homes in your neighbourhood with the same style and exterior colours to see what colour combinations you prefer.

Choosing the right roofing colour for your home is an important decision, as it is not easily changed. Taking the time to research your decision before making your final decision is always suggested.

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