When building a home or buying one that is already built, most people will try to find the best materials. They take into account its look, lifespan, durability, and practicality before making a decision. Sometimes, metal roofs are overlooked as an option because of myths people have heard. Do not let rumours deter you from considering a perfectly viable option. We have compiled the most common myths about metal roofs and debunked them.

Mimics the Temperature Outside

People worry that a metal roof will get too hot or cold depending on the season. The reality is the insulation in your home plays a more significant factor in how well your home maintains a comfortable temperature than your roof does. In fact, aluminum roofs can reflect sunlight, making them an energy efficient option. Choosing the right insulation materials will go further to help keep the climate in your home temperate no matter what time of year it is.

Looks Dull

When people think of metal roofs, their mind sometimes goes to a barn or industrial building. Although, these roofs come in a variety of styles that can suite traditional or Victorian-looking houses. Metal roofs come in different finishes, colours, and profiles to fit your style. There are shingle styles of slate, diamond, shake, and even Spanish barrel tile with several standing seam profiles. There is a type of metal roof for virtually every style preference. Expensive Roofs should be affordable to install, and maintenance costs should be reasonable. While a metal roof does cost more to install than a traditional asphalt roof, your maintenance costs will be less with a metal roof. Asphalt needs to be replaced every 15 years while a metal roof does not. The increased upfront cost of a metal roof is offset by the money you save in the long-run.

Attracts Lightning

The chances of your metal roof getting struck by lightning are slim to none. Lightning typically hits the highest point, so it is unlikely that your roof will be its target. Even if your roof does happen to get hit, you do not have to fear your roof catching fire. Metal roofs are non-combustible and can disperse a lightning strike better than most other roofing materials.

Oil Canning

The only type of metal roofing that has a risk of oil canning is a standing seam type. Oil canning is when there is a waviness to the flat areas of a metal roof. The rippling effect of standing seam metal roofs combined with other factors increases its chances of this occurring. A standing seam metal roof is typically manufactured with lower standards, which makes oil canning much more likely. As long as the factory the aluminum is produced in is reputable, you should not have to worry about oil canning.

Make sure you have any metal roofing installed by a professional so that you know it will be free of any type of defects. If the base metal is a high-quality product and it is installed by a professional, you should have no issues with your metal roof. Hopefully, this information has put to bed any reservations you might have had about metal roofs. If you do still have any questions or would like a quote, contact Green Metal Roofing. We use quality materials and have a team of experienced installers ready to turn your house into a dream home.

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