Properly installing metal roofing involves some intricacies and nuances that only skilled and experienced roofing contractors understand. Unfortunately, there are many popup roofing contractors claiming to have years or roofing experience, but almost always, these types of contractors deliver low-quality workmanship that can and will lead to issues down the line.

This is why it is important that you spend time vetting any potential roofing contractor before signing on the dotted line. Below we cover what to look for when hiring a roofing company:

Years of experience

When it comes to installing high-quality metal roofing, experience with metal roofing products is essential. An experienced contractor has probably experienced every potential issue that can arise with your project, and has the know-how on how to fix and move past the issue. Looking into how long the roofing company has been in business is a good indicator of experience. However, you shouldn’t rely strictly on years in business, as the crew members may not all have the same years on the job.

Local Office

Although a physical office doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality services, it can show that the company truly means business. A company without a local office can disappear without a trace tomorrow. Chances are if a contractor with an office in the area, they have replaced roofing systems on homes that are similar in style and age as yours, giving them the benefit of experience.

Inspect Previous Projects

A roofing company with years of experience, will have several completed projects in your local area that they can have you look at. You should take the time to ask about and look at the previous projects completed by the company. Once you have the references for previous projects, get in touch with the owners of some of the projects. Make sure you inquire about the company’s project completion rate, quality of roofing, and customer services.

Insurance Coverage

While working on your project, anything can happen. Without insurance coverage, you may be liable for any issues that occur on your property during the project. So, you need to be certain that a company has adequate insurance coverage for workers’ compensations as well as liability coverage. Ask to see proof of insurance for added peace of mind.

Online Reviews

You can easily learn a lot about a roofing contractor by reading their client reviews online. These reviews can show you the honest opinions of their previous clients, regarding quality of the services that the company delivered. The Better Business Bureau, Google My Business, Yelp, and Home Stars, are just a few of the review websites you can visit for client reviews for a prospective roofing company.

Written Estimate

All reputable roofing companies will provide you with a written estimate that will outline the cost, payment methods, materials, design and color of roofing and estimated start date for the project.

Finally, once you have looked into the above for all of the potential roofing companies you are considering, your final decision does come down to who you feel comfortable with and have built some trust with. Your metal roofing system is responsible for protecting your home, your family and all of your belongings, you need to be comfortable with and have trust in the company that is replacing your home’s roof.

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