Asphalt roofing shingles are fine when attached to your roof, but it’s the disposal of them or lack thereof, that has become an issue. Asphalt shingles are thrown into landfills, left to sit there long enough to add to the growing mass of garbage in general. They’re horrible for the environment, which is why metal roofs are the best solution to both properly protect your home and keep our landfills to a minimum as much as possible. Not convinced? Don’t worry, there is more to come!

The Disposal Cycle

Traditional asphalt shingles have a high risk of failure before you even get a chance to install them onto your roof. They need to be replaced after 15 years, or you’ll end up water leakage and other damage that will be expensive to fix on top of getting a new roof installed. By buying asphalt shingles, you’re setting yourself up for a consistent pattern of purchase, installation and disposal, straight into the trash.

Other shingle materials might seem like more eco-friendly options, like cedar, but that’s just not the case. Because the shingles are treated with preservatives to help them last as long as possible, they can’t be composted. Cedar shingles must be hauled into the trash like everything else.

Why not recycle them instead? Because many tradition roofing materials that are in such bad condition, which is usually most of them, can’t be recycled.

The Solution?

Metal roof installation is the answer we’ve all been looking for! Whether you go for aluminium or steel roof sheeting, you’ll have a long lasting product that can be recycled when the time comes. Often times the material for these roofs themselves have been made from recycled metal. It can turn into a continuous cycle of purchase, installation, recycled and repurchased.

Not only are you getting an environmentally friendly product out of this, but there are a lot of other advantages to installing a metal roof over traditional materials. When installed properly, steel roofs will last as long as the house itself, effectively protecting against high winds, snow damage and leaking. Metal is also one of the lightest roofing materials available, making the intensity of the support structure less severe. With the fast installation time, fire resistance and energy efficiency due to heat conductivity, what’s holding you back from installing a metal roof?

For almost 40 years, Green Metal Roofing has been the best choice in metal roofing and cladding products. Our Canadian owned business provides customers in Mississauga, Ontario with high-quality metal sheeting. We offer them a choice between seven different colours available in our German steel sheets coated with D-Matt. Our lightweight roofing sheets bare no effect on the existing structural supports. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, making sure they have a safe, comfortable and elegant metal roof that completes your home. With fully insured contractors that have over a decade of expertise, be sure to go online to request a free quote today!

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