Installing a steel roof comes with a couple of big benefits right off the bat: they last longer and stand up better to inclement weather than asphalt roofs. But did you know that a metal roof can also help cut down your energy bills? Read on to learn more.

Steel Roofs Reflect Heat

Steel roofs are highly reflective where other materials such as asphalt absorb heat. A steel roof mirrors back solar energy, which puts less strain on your home’s AC system. In short, a steel roof cuts down on your cooling costs.

An unpainted steel roof is able to reflect a significant amount of solar radiation. When you coat a steel roof with a light coloured paint, it not only improves the reflectivity of the roof, it enhances its emissivity. Emissivity is the ability to radiate away absorbed heat. A white metal roof has the highest solar reflectance of any roofing product. A steel roof’s reflective nature can decrease your annual energy bill by anywhere between 10% and 40%.

Steel Roofs Also Keep You Warmer

The same reflective properties that repel extra heat on the outside work to keep the interior of your home warm. By directing heat efficiently, a steel roof allows you to keep the inside of your house warm during winter months.

Steel Roofs Have Low Thermal Mass

Asphalt shingles are created from dense materials that take a very long time to heat up or cool down. This creates a heat sink on the top of your home. By comparison, steel roofing has a very low thermal mass, meaning that it doesn’t hold heat or cold. This makes it easier for your home to be heated or cooled, which saves you on energy costs.

Steel Roofs Ventilate Your Home

Keeping the heat out of the upper stories of a home can help by allowing air to circulate between the roof and the building. A good ventilation system provides an escape for rising hot air and allows cooler air to be drawn upwards. This is called a convection cycle and adds cooling to your home. An expertly installed steel roof stays cooler than a well-ventilated asphalt shingle roofing system.

Steel Roofs Save You Money

In total, a metal roof installation can return 75% of its job costs. You save money on heating and cooling. You will save money on insurance and deductibles as well since your metal roof is less likely to be damaged by wind and hail. If you’re interested in steel roofing options, please contact Green Metal Roofing. We’ll set you up right.

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